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Why natural deodorant is the most important clean beauty product in your medicine cabinet

Why natural deodorant is the most important clean beauty product in your medicine cabinet

While medicine cabinets everywhere are getting an all-natural makeover, there’s one product that can’t be missed when it comes to clean cosmetics: your deodorant.

Growing awareness of the benefits of natural and organic beauty products has allowed us to make better choices when it comes to skincare. But the part of our skin that needs the most attention is our underarms, and they deserve as much if not more, love than any other part of our skin.

Clean beauty break down

Look at the packaging on your conventional deodorant, shampoo or moisturizer products and you may find potentially harmful ingredients. To name a few; talc is a common ingredient which has been linked to asbestos contamination, preservatives like parabens and fragrance additives like phthalates are under review by the FDA, and aluminum clogs pores and prevents your body from expelling sweat in a natural way. Clean beauty is the absence of these ingredients in your products, allowing for a more natural skin regimen and organic lifestyle. 

As important as it is to choose healthy unprocessed foods in your diet, it’s equally important to examine your everyday skincare routine and rethink what you apply to your skin on a daily basis. Read more about our better for you benefits.


Underarms need more love

Our underarms get a bad rap: stinky, sweaty and ultra-sensitive. We don’t like to talk about our deodorant woes, so instead we grab whatever product we see in the drugstore. Perhaps it’s on sale, or we’ve heard of the brand before, or we just want to get out of the aisle altogether.

But armpits need our attention. The underarm region protects important lymph nodes, blood vessels and nerves. It’s a place prone to bacterial infections due to the dark, damp and warm environment where they reside. The skin there is extremely delicate and vulnerable to bumps and rashes, dryness and discoloration.

The best remedy and day-to-day maintenance for your pits is to free them of extraneous chemicals and ingredients that might make an already sensitive area more vulnerable to irritation and infection. 

Consider the following when you look for the best natural deodorant for you. Have sensitive skin? Consider a baking soda-free natural deodorant.

Do you prioritize a smooth application? Discover deodorants with shea butter, coconut oil or all-natural botanicals. Concerned about odor? Look for a combination of activated charcoal and bentonite clay to remove impurities and purify the skin.

A swipe a day keeps the odor away

We all hold deodorant to high standards. We rely on it to perform in a variety of ways, from moisturizing our skin to protecting from odor and wetness. “Organic,” “all-natural” or “clean” beauty isn’t just better for your skin, but does the job as well. At Cleo+Coco, we understand the need for an effective, long-lasting deodorant, and we’re in good company.

Our award-winning deodorants combine natural charcoal with botanicals for protection that lasts all day. 

Moisturize: Coconut oil and shea butter moisturize the skin and give our deodorants a creamy feel that helps it glide on effortlessly.

Neutralize: Activated charcoal and bentonite clay purifies the skin and neutralizes odor.

Absorb: Plant powders absorb wetness without stopping the natural expulsion of sweat from your pores.

Cleo+Coco offers all-natural, paraben free, phthalates free, aluminum free and synthetic fragrance free deodorants that will keep underarms odor-free and well moisturized.


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