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The Experience

Raw, Clean+Confident

Cleo+Coco is clean but we feel that “clean” is not enough. We offer Clean+Confident. We offer you Confidence in our authenticity. When we say our products are clean, this means no hidden chemicals or fragrances under the term “fragrance” in our ingredient list. We offer you Confidence in the efficacy of our products. We have earned awards and thousands of customer testimonials to demonstrate that our products do what they are intended to do – keep you odor-free without compromise. 
Without Compromise. In our opinion, your personal care experience should do more than work. It should also be more than natural. Your underarms house important glands and are near delicate breast tissues. We should be uncompromising about what we apply to this area. 

We also believe that you should not compromise your experience. Your deodorant should go on creamy and clear without leaving you feeling sticky and wet. It should not stain your clothes. It should smell refreshing and appealing. It should look as good as it feels and smells. And your deodorant should be a luxurious experience.  
We are Clean+Confident and Conscious. We are working to help reduce our plastic waste and we care immensely about the environment. We hope that you will learn to use our new zero-waste, eco-friendly plastic-free Deodorant Bars and that if you use our plastic containers, know that you are still eliminating waste by only needing two each year and recycling them. And you only need to purchase one of our Dry Shampoo/Body Powders and then re-use the pump by purchasing our refill bags.


The Clean+Confident Guarantee

All of our products offer the following better for you benefits 

Clean + Confident

All day protection, no compromises. That is our guarantee when you use Cleo+Coco natural body care products. We blend high-quality ingredients in our high-performance formulas to deliver only the best for you.


Natural Ingredients

Sustainably sourced eco-conscious minerals, botanicals, and essential oils comprise each one of our carefully crafted personal care products. Our ingredient practices are completely transparent, so you know exactly what you are getting in every product.


Aluminum Free

The active ingredient in conventional antiperspirants, aluminum, clogs pores and inhibits the release of sweat and sweat byproducts. Our natural deodorants absorb wetness with natural ingredients, allowing the body to cleanse through sweat that is odor-free and minimal. Aluminum is an ingredient we recommend avoiding and all Cleo+Coco products are aluminum-free.


Cruelty Free

None of our products or the ingredients we use to craft them are tested on animals. We are certified Cruelty Free by PETA, Beauty Without Bunnies.


Plastic Free

We use BPA-free plastic applicators in our deodorants, and the BPA-free pump in our Dry Shampoo/Body Powder is refillable and reusable. Cleo+Coco also offers a plastic-free deodorant bar packaged in a sustainable waste-free wax mold.


Travel Friendly

Each of our products is portable, packable, and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you are traveling a great distance or headed to the gym, our items are easy to stow and TSA-friendly.

Talc Free

Talc has come under scrutiny when used in personal care for links to cancer and as an inhalation risk. We use only natural talc-free ingredients to absorb wetness in our products, like arrowroot powder and natural clay.

Zero Waste

We utilize resources, packaging, and processing methods that eliminate waste. A zero waste practice not only benefits the environment but our economy and communities by reducing pollution and toxic waste, and conserving water and soil. At Cleo+Coco, we strive to be at the forefront of producing zero waste products. Which is why we are introducing our zero waste Deodorant Bar, completely free of plastic and packaged in a recyclable paper box that comes with a reusable cotton bag for storage.


Paraben Free

Our formulas contain no parabens or other synthetic preservatives. We craft shelf-stable products made with natural preservative ingredients, like vitamin E.


Made in the USA

All of our products are made right here in the USA.


Phthalates Free

Phthalates are synthetic fragrance carrier ingredients commonly used in conventional cosmetics. Research links phthalates to possible hormone disruption and the European Union considers dibutyl phthalate (DBP) an “endocrine-disrupting compound of high concern”. All Cleo+Coco products are phthalate-free.


No Synthetic Fragrance

“Fragrance” is a legal catchall term often used to hide synthetic ingredients on product labels. Carefully chosen plant and essential oils are used to create our signature scents. Each of our aromatic blends is comprised of natural ingredients and free from synthetics.