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Our mission

No BO, no BS. Just clean.

And good smells, of course. Because everybody deserves access to personal care products that work without harming their bodies or world.

More importantly, you deserve the information you need to learn what's actually good for you in an industry built upon sneaky language and cutting costs.

And there's a lot of BS out there.

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I'm Suzannah.

When I was first pregnant, I was extra careful with the ingredients that I was putting on my body.

But I was also frustrated because nothing out there really worked — and the ones that did weren't really that "natural" at all.

So, I did a LOT of research and partnered with the top chemists in the clean and natural world to make our own products — ones that are actually clean with no synthetic fragrances, and that actually work.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

- Suzannah Raff, Founder + CEO

Top-level ingredients

We don't compromise on quality or safety. That's why we use the highest grade therapeutic essential oils to create our irresistible scents. Because smelling great should never come at a sacrifice to your health.

Our ingredients

Consciously sourced

Everything we use, right down to our packaging, is sourced with sustainability and ethics in mind. Our goal is to leave our world better than we found it.


Let's talk

Did you know the word "fragrance" or "parfum" in an ingredient list can hide up to 3,000 chemicals and is ranked as a health and hazard risk by Environmental Working Group?

Yeah. Unlike most other "clean" deodorant companies, we don't do those.

Our scents are derived from high-quality, mood-boosting essential oils and nothing else.

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Our team's top picks

These are our team's everyday go-to's. Soon, they'll become yours, too.

  • Mini Deodorant Sampler
    Mini Deodorant Sampler
    Mini Deodorant Sampler
    Regular price

    3 travel-sized charcoal deodorants

  • Solid Body Wash Sampler
    Solid Body Wash Sampler
    Solid Body Wash Sampler
    Sale price
    Regular price
  • Ultimate Clean Personal Care Bundle
    Ultimate Clean Personal Care Bundle
    Ultimate Clean Personal Care Bundle
    Sale price
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