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What They Say

My all-time favorite deodorant!! I've used quite a few natural deodorants in the past, but nothing quite compares to Cleo & Coco!

Joyce H

"Best deoderant EVER! I decided to go "healthy" with my choice of deoderant after I read that aluminum is one of the main ingredients in leading brand deoderants. Alzheimers is linked with aluminum intake so the same way I have minimized my use of aluminum pans, I switched my deoderant. I heard about Cleo&Coco from a friend and instantly fell in love with this product. I use it every day and it WORKS so well. As an added bonus - the scent is delicious."

Bracha G

"Amazing! I bought for my husband for his stocking for Christmas. My daughter took a sniff and requested her one for herself. We all love the smell! Product goes on smoother since the last time we purchased! Thank you!"

Jennifer A


"This is the best deodorant! I love the basil mint deodorant for myself and my husband. We are sweaty people who have had trouble finding natural deodorant that gets us through the summer months with no breakthrough wetness and odor. This stick changed all that. All summer clean as a whistle. THANK YOU!"

Dawn S


"Finally—Fragrant and Effective Natural Deodorant! I purchased both the Basil Mint and the Lavender Vanilla varieties to test with my staff at a yoga studio. Hands down, a winner on all counts. Not only are the scents pleasant (and packaging familiar), these products work. We can’t wait to share them with our customers."

Lauren K


"Love this product! It's everything I want in a deodorant: to perform like the industrial ones sold in supermarkets but to be natural without being overly crunchy or handmade or poor-performing. The basil mint smells so great when I apply it. I used to have to reapply my natural deodorants after a few hours or after a workout but with this one, a few swipes in the morning and I'm odor free the entire day and night. Great product!! Highly Recommend it!"

Paul Jonson


"Best Natural Deodorant. Love the scent! I love this brand! I tried the natural deodorants that you see advertised everywhere and they really didn't give me all day protection the way this one does. I also love the invigorating scent. My husband can't believe that a natural deo actually works all day but it does so he uses it too!"

Megan C


In The Media

"A truly powerful stink-eliminating combo"

Allure Magazine

"One of our favourite brands... absorbing wetness without the use of chemicals"

Nylon Magazine

"This charcoal and bentonite clay formula acts like a magnet to help naturally draw out and eliminate door-causing toxins, bacteria, and wetness. We're in." 

The Path