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Founder of Cleo+Coco

Hi, I'm Suzannah Raff

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A 20-year business veteran as a tech consultant and college professor, with three degrees (2 Master’s and 2 in business), specializing in Continuous Quality Improvement, Suzannah Raff created Cleo+Coco with Continuous Quality Improvement embedded into its culture.

“It is a part of our product development cycle – we are constantly improving our formulas, researching newest ingredients and listening to our customer’s wants and needs to enable us to truly revolutionize the personal care category”.

After having 4 kids in 6 years, Suzannah’s body felt depleted and she began a clean eating journey. This ultimately led to using clean personal care products. Famous for having a ‘nose’ and creating her own exceptional scents, she recognized a white space in the personal care market. She created Cleo+Coco to add pleasure to your everyday routine. To improve the personal care experience for all your senses: scent, texture and efficacy by using only quality ingredients that nurture and enhance your health.

Named for Clean+Confident and for Cleopatra who is famously known for using Charcoal and Coconuts in her beauty routine, Cleo+Coco was born.  

Suzannah sees Cleo+Coco as a way to pour passion and creativity into improving people's health and pleasure, as well as a way to be a role model to her daughters and women everywhere. Ultimately transforming an industry traditionally focused only on profits to one focused on well being. Because real success comes by doing good and right in the world. Your support of Cleo+Coco by using her products in your everyday routine, demonstrates that every minute of every day.

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