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beyond aluminum-free

Aluminum-free is great, but it takes more than that to make deodorant safe and luxuriously effective. Unlike other natural deodorants that use synthetic fragrances that can expose you to risky compounds and unnatural chemicals, we use essential oils to create subtly sexy scents.

performance + EfficACY

No Detox Downtime

You may have heard (or experienced) that making the switch to natural deodorant leads to a detox downtime as your body flushes out toxins and odor-causing bacteria. There’s nothing pleasurable about that! Our deodorants are formulated with natural ingredients that promote an odor-free detox, keeping you fresh from first glide.

Discover Our Scents

Sophisticated, sexy and unique scents made with absolutely no synthetic fragrance.

  • Sweet Surrender

    Slip into a state of serene relaxation every day. Soothing notes of lavender will ease tension and calm the body while sweet vanilla creates a warm sense of comfort. A signature fragrance that feels fresh yet familiar all at once.

    If you like

    • The wild fields of Provence
    • Sleep aromatherapy oils
    • Crisp linens

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  • Great Expectations

    Awaken the senses and pique curiosity with an uplifting citrus burst from grapefruit and orange. These bright notes are underscored by tart bergamot which adds complexity with its slightly floral and spicy edge. Only sunny days ahead.

    If you like

    • Freshly squeezed citrus
    • Summer glows
    • Walking through an orange grove

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  • Brave Heart

    A bold take on a classic herbaceous scent. Sweet basil grounds the fragrance and stimulates the senses while sharp peppermint and energizing orange add brightness. You’ll feel crisp, clean, and completely one with nature.

    If you like

    • The buzz of peppermint tea
    • Fresh herbs
    • The Great Outdoors

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  • True Blue

    Release negative emotions and center your state of mind with the scent of blue tansy—sweet, fruity, and floral with herbaceous undertones. A romantic fragrance that you will fall more in love with day after day.

    If you like

    • Lush wildflower bouquets
    • The gardens of Morocco
    • Romance

    Shop True Blue

What Clean Means

What Clean Means

The harsh reality? Much of the beauty industry is unregulated and there are often toxic ingredients lurking in your routine without you knowing it - like carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. We don’t don’t rely on undefined marketing terms like ‘natural’ or ‘green’ and make all our products without ingredients that harm your health. Period.


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