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Plant Based Hair + Body Powder


For you whole body

Hair + Body Powder Sampler 4-Pack


Try every scent  of our best-selling plant-based hair + body powders to find your new favorite. This supply lasts 4+ months — saving you money and stress, while helping save the environment by reducing shipping needs.It's a volume-enhancing dry shampoo. It's a full-body sweat-absorber. A body odor reducer. An anti-chafe powder. A boob sweat savior. A multitasking hero, in a bottle.Made with plant-based powders, charcoal, quality essential oils, and no synthetic fragrances, this talc-free powder absorbs oils, odors, and sweat —  helping you stay fresh, all day long. Use it on your hair, feet, underarms, underboob, underwear, anywhere


4x Plant Based Hair + Body Powder, 2.2oz 

  • Sweet Surrender, Lavender Vanilla 2.20z
  • Great Expectations, Grapefruit Bergamot 2.20z
  • Cocoa Beach, Coconut Vanilla 2.2oz
  • Brave Heart, Basil Mint 2.2oz 


.* Bundles are non-refundable