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W Magazine's Favorite Summer Deodorants

W Magazine's Favorite Summer Deodorants

Consider switching your antiperspirant for these clean, organic, plant-forward formulations.


Despite the stigmas behind visible sweat stains and showing up to a garden party in the dead of summer dripping with perspiration, the act of sweating is not only necessary, but beneficial for the body. When you perspire, your body is either regulating your temperature or secreting toxins. That said, however natural and valuable the act of sweating can be for your health, your social life is a different story. Most people look to either antiperspirant or deodorant to quell any offending smells or stains. Antiperspirant generally uses aluminum salts to stop sweat by blocking the underarm pores (where folks tend to sweat the most). Increasingly, health-conscious individuals are moving away from antiperspirants—sweating is, after all, essential for the body, and aluminum salt has been linked in certain studies to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. As time goes on and more information and research surfaces, most are becoming more mindful about what ingredients their bodies can absorb—and, as a result, prefer to veer on the cleanest side of things.

Deodorant, therefore, is a viable alternative to antiperspirant, especially when it comes to health concerns. It may not stop you from sweating, but it does mask any unpleasant odors. The direction of effective deodorants has been moving toward the use of natural alternatives for odor control, like baking soda (a small percentage of consumers might get irritation), essential oils (Tree Tree Oil is huge for use as an antiseptic for the underarms area), and plant extracts. Below, we’ve compiled our favorite natural yet super effective deodorants for you to consider to add to your beauty routine as summer begins to heat up.



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