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Your morning routine is about to change forever.

Your morning routine is about to change forever.

Your mornings just become a lot more vibrant, and utterly fresh, with our Energize Routine Clean Care Kit. Let us go through the exquisite products in this package to describe how to empower yourself for the day with a natural, self-care morning routine. 

  • First, hop in the shower and lather up with our Vitamin C Cleanse Body Polish Bar. Gently rub all over your skin to allow the natural orange peel exfoliate, leaving you with a soft and glowy touch. Starting your day with this luscious and delicious smelling cleanse will give you the rest of the day for your skin to soak up all the brightening and softening powers this Cleanse Bar has to offer. With no synthetic fragrances or irritating chemicals, our cleansing bars are the best way to start your day! 


  • After cleansing, apply our Great Expectations Charcoal Deodorant. There’s a reason why this deodorant is called Great Expectations! With its bright, invigorating smell and smooth texture, each morning you apply, you’ll set great expectations for yourself, your mood and your accomplishments. Apply this to your underarms and be eased by the confidence that your deodorant will leave you smell free, stain free and clean feeling throughout the day. Our all-natural deodorants are made without aluminium, synthetic fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients to keep you clean without compromise. 


  • To finish off your energizing morning routine, apply the Dry Shampoo+Body Powder (Great Expectations, Grapefruit Bergamot) to either your hair, body or both! This aluminum free powder will remove oil from your hair and skin, absorb that extra wetness on your body that makes getting dressed difficult. Layer it over your deodorant for an extra layer of odor and wetness control and start your day with the feeling of sweet-smelling confidence to tackle any obstacles that your day may bring.  

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  • Mini Deodorant Sampler
    Mini Deodorant Sampler
    Mini Deodorant Sampler
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    3 travel-sized charcoal deodorants

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