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What does Clean Really Mean? No Greenwashing here!

What does Clean Really Mean? No Greenwashing here!

I started Cleo + Coco because I felt that no one should have choose between their health and body odor. I spent months researching and experimenting until I came up with a formula that could stand up against my toughest workouts and most stressful days and then perfected it with our chemist.

But I didn't stop there. Cleo+Coco is a lot more than aluminum free. All our formulas are synthetic fragrance free and waterless.

Why is this important? Because synthetic fragrance is used as a catch-all term for hidden dangerous ingredients that companies may not want customers to know about. It is also said to cause migraines and act as hormone disruptors for some people. 

Waterless means that you get more product for your money. We never use filler like water or glycerin as active ingredients in our formulas. So you get denser, richer products that you need less of to get more effectiveness while eliminating the need for synthetic preservatives. 

This is what clean means - no greenwashing here.

Because you're not only too smart to fall for greenwashing, you deserve a lot better. 

You deserve the best. And so do your family, friends and loved ones who we know you buy Cleo+Coco personal care products for as well. 

Your well-being, along with the sustainability of our planet, is what keeps us innovating each day.

Thank you for being a part of our "better for your body" and "better for the planet" movement. 

Suzannah Raff, Founder/CEO

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