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Podcast: Chat With Betty X Suzannah Raff

Podcast: Chat With Betty X Suzannah Raff

Suzannah Chat's With Betty

On today's episode I chat with Suzannah Raff all about clean beauty, what it means to her, an how she's changing the world one deodorant at a time...

Suzannah Raff is a New York native and mother of four who is committed to living an authentic life spiritually, physically, and professionally. Over the years she has earned both a Master’s degree in Business along with a Master’s degree in Social Work. Cleo+Coco was born out of a passion to learn more about toxic ingredients, the negative effect they have on our bodies, and the benefits of plant-based ingredients to create authentic products that are safe and effective. After years of listening, experimenting, teaching, and learning, Cleo+Coco’s next generation of natural was born.


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