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Our Holiday Detox Guide

Our Holiday Detox Guide

Don’t Fear the Detox

The holidays are nearing an end, and some of our new year’s resolutions may include switching to natural personal care products or going sustainable. Making the switch and changing your lifestyle can be scary; one of the biggest concerns when switching to natural deodorant is the detox period - this is also the time period when people give up on their new natural products and switch back to their usual deodorant laden with parabens, phthalates and other chemicals.
Here is our take…Natural deodorant CAN and DOES work, but we speak for ourselves!
If you’re one of those people who have been using antiperspirant your entire life, your body's natural sweat progression is disrupted, so your body will naturally need time to adjust to its new found natural personal care routine…trust us..STICK WITH IT! You may feel moisture..but with Cleo+Coco, there is no detox downtime so you will still smell fresh all day long!
If you are someone who is switching from conventional deodorants…your body will have little to no adjustments
When switching from antiperspirants to natural deodorant you should expect an increased level of sweat, but keep in mind - with your daily antiperspirants you were blocking your bodies ability to detox ad release natural toxins, and you’re now allowing your body to do what it is supposed to do! This is why we created our multi-tasking powder! To layer over your charcoal deodorant to help soak up any excess moisture…we’ve got you covered during your journey into the world of natural deodorant!
Keep in mind… these detox phases are typical and natural, especially if you’ve been blocking your sweat glands with antiperspirants.Your body is struggling to rebalance and transition..but eventually it will thank you for using natural healthy personal care!

Our Detox Guide

WEEK 1 : No Odor                                                                                                                     As you begin to purge toxins and aluminum you may experience some wetness.
WEEK 2 : No Odor                                                                                                                     Your body will continue to adjust.
WEEK 3 : No Odor                                                                                                                     You should experience less sweat and wetness as the weeks go by.
WEEK 4 : No Odor                                                                                                                     Your body begins to do what it does naturally - aided by our charcoal formula which pulls out bacteria causing the odor.

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