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Lasting New Years Resolutions- Self Care Edition

Lasting New Years Resolutions- Self Care Edition

We’re ready to say GOODBYE to 2020 and HELLO to 2021! This year, it is a new opportunity to take back control of our lives and it’s time to commit to self care. So what can YOU do differently this year to avoid falling into “the resolution trap” and make your self-care resolutions last through 2021 and beyond?

Start Small

Set yourself up for success by setting realistic and measurable goals. Unlike fad diets, cleaning up your personal care routine is the simple switch you can make for a cleaner lifestyle. Look out for products made with better for your body ingredients- think shea butter, coconut oil, activated charcoal and bentonite clay and avoid the ingredients you can’t pronounce. Start your morning off right by leaving toxic personal care ingredients in 2020. Watch your small steps move mountains

Let Others Know

Get your friends and family in on it! Even with the holiday season behind us, it’s always a good time to give the gift of self care to your loved ones so you don’t have to embark on your clean-living journey alone. Create a spirit of excitement around your new resolution and keep each other accountable for a cleaner lifestyle year round! 

Create a Plan

How exactly will you stick to your resolution? Creating a concrete plan that fits your lifestyle will make all the difference in making your resolution last. We recommend clicking Subscribe & Save at checkout when you purchase your next clean self-care item so that you can make a lasting impact on your wellbeing and the environment, while saving 15% on every order!

Have any other advice? We’d love to hear from you

Cheers to the New Year & Cheers to a Better You!


Suzannah & the Cleo+Coco Team

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