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Is your personal care really all natural?

Is your personal care really all natural?

What Does Natural ACTUALLY Mean?

What does natural mean + why it matters

Are you a consumer who does their research before choosing a product? Do you base your standards for products on their efficacy, footprint and impact? We love that..we embrace that. But sometimes as a consumer, you have to dig deeper and look closely at the fine print to make sure you aren't being misled by the word “natural”.

Natural doesn’t always mean natural

Unfortunately for consumers like you - the FDA does not regulate the term natural in personal/beauty and food products; but what we know is, the term natural means the product is (or should be) free of artificial and synthetic ingredients. With that being said… anyone can slap a “natural” sticker on their products when in fact, it is not. So we urge you to do your research!

Is Natural Better?

When reading labels, if a product has a disclaimer stating it contains natural ingredients, that does not deem its natural, it simply has an ingredient (or multiple) that are natural, but it may also include synthetic ingredients and other chemicals as well. This is a common marketing scheme to entice consumers like you who are simply trying to make a change.

Ingredients To AVOID

Sometimes it’s easier to spot the bad ingredients rather than the good. Many studies have shown parabens and phthalates having negative effects on the body. These two ingredients are preservatives that have harmful side effects and have been directly linked to causing cancer. 

The Takeaway

Not all synthetic products are bad! Science is a beautiful thing and many ingredients created in labs have helped save lives and create a safer environment for us to live and thrive, but most synthetic products do not have a place in personal care products. That is why it is productive for thoughtful consumers to do ample research when switching to natural personal care - Your body and the planet will thank you!

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