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Every Day is a Clean Beauty Day for Us

Every Day is a Clean Beauty Day for Us

Its Clean Beauty Day, and at Cleo + Coco we believe personal care should be more than just clean. We create personal care that provides you with moments of conscious pleasure that elevate both you and the planet - with products that are clean, luxurious, incredible smelling, and wildly effective - creating a more meaningful beauty habit that is kind to both you and nature. 

Cleo + Coco is award winning with products that are designated Clean by QVC, Think Dirty, Peta and CertClean. 


Peta and Leaping Bunny certified, our products are cruelty free, meaning they are not tested on animals at any point in the formulation or production process.  



CertClean and Think Dirty both vet personal care products formulated without potentially harmful ingredients such as talc, parabens, SLSs and hormone disruptors, and not just those labeled “natural” and “organic.”


QVC holds high standards to products they list as “clean,” and we’re one of them! The QVC Clean Beauty seal designates that a brand formulates products without potentially harmful ingredients. It also indicates products contain less than one percent of synthetic fragrances and are certified cruelty-free by a third-party source. 



Our Core Pillars of Clean Beauty:  


Above all, we want our deodorants to work. We are committed to delivering a superior product that you can glide with confidence.  

We envision a future where clean no longer means compromise and sustainable no longer means unsophisticated - a future where both efficacy and pleasure are queen and women won’t have to second guess whether or not their ‘natural’ deodorant will let them down, when and where it counts. 



Aluminum-free is great, but it takes more than that to make a deodorant safe. Cleo+Coco is a lot more than aluminum free. All our formulas are also synthetic fragrance free and waterless. We carefully select and use pure, potent and beautifully smelling natural ingredients that work for your body, not against it. 

The term ‘fragrance’ in personal care has become a trojan horse for toxic, unlisted ingredients and endocrine disruptors that wreak havoc on your body. They throw off our essential rhythms with long-term health effects on hormones, metabolism and mood. Fragrance is considered a trade secret, but we put everything on the table. We never use synthetic fragrance or hide dangerous ingredients like parabens and chemicals under the rouse of ‘fragrance.’ Just pure, potent and beautifully smelling plant-based ingredients that work for your body, not against it. So you can safely smell incredible. 



Intentional and purposeful ingredient and sourcing choices that are better for you, each other and the environment. Cleo + Coco introduced the world to the first completely Zero-Waste Deodorant Bar. Our Zero-Waste Deodorant bar is packaged in FSC certified recyclable paper box, wrapped in compostable grease-proof paper and instead of being surrounded by plastic, the bar is dipped in a sustainable wax mold for a mess free application! Our deodorant bar goes above and beyond plastic refills and recycling to eliminate plastic altogether.  

By taking a more purposeful approach to personal care - we can all become creatures of conscious habit - elevating our daily routines so we can both enjoy them and feel confident knowing that we are doing the very best for our health, our bodies and the future of this incredible planet. Clean Beauty is Cleo + Coco. 

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