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Deodorant v Antiperspirant: What You Need to Know Now

Deodorant v Antiperspirant: What You Need to Know Now

The fear of sweating starts somewhere around middle school when sweat stains and body odor become embarrassing. The solution in those coming of age years has traditionally been to turn to antiperspirants in an attempt to stop the wetness and odor. It is a basic coming of age rite that we have not given much thought to, until recently. 

As we have become more conscious about what we put into our bodies, we are also more concerned about what we put onto our bodies. While the skin doesn’t absorb everything you apply, much of the ingredients used on skin end up in the body. A study on teen girls alone showed 16 hormone-altering chemicals in their blood and urine. Phthalates, those commonly used fragrance carrier ingredients, were found in 75% of people tested.  

So, naturally, we are becoming more concerned about the use of aluminum to block sweat glands in antiperspirants. We are also concerned with the use of “fragrance” which can mean artificial and synthetic ingredients with the potential to enter our bloodstream. Both ingredients are found in traditional antiperspirants and deodorants.

Thankfully, today you don’t have to compromise on ingredients for effectiveness.

Read on to learn why we’re here to put the deodorant v antiperspirant debate to rest. 

Deodorant v Antiperspirant: What’s the Difference?

To put it simply, traditional deodorants mask body odor and antiperspirants minimize sweating. Bacteria forms in your underarms where there’s moisture and leads to odor. You start sweating, bacteria accumulate, and body odor develops. 

Aluminum salts, the active ingredient in most conventional antiperspirants, temporarily clog the sweat glands to prevent you from sweating. This does two things. One, you don’t have those inconvenient and embarrassing sweat stains on your clothes. Two, you’re no longer attracting the bacteria that causes body odor. 

So, what’s the issue with antiperspirants? Well, your body is designed to sweat. Clogging your sweat glands means that your body isn’t getting the physiological benefits of sweating, like releasing bacteria and cooling off. Another downside is that when you use an aluminum-containing antiperspirant, you may actually end up stinkier over time. Why? Research shows that antiperspirant get rid of “good” bacteria (the less pungent variety) and allow the stronger, odor-causing bacteria to dominate

Why You Should Avoid ‘Fragrance’ 

While switching from antiperspirant to aluminum-free deodorant is a huge step in the right direction, it may not be enough. A lot of natural deodorants still use fragrance chemicals in them. The word “fragrance” in an ingredient list is underregulated and can be a chemical cocktail, potentially exposing you to risky compounds and unnatural chemicals.

Synthetic fragrance has been linked to feelings of skin irritation, headaches, and migraines for some people. And these ingredients are usually ineffective in decreasing odor.

But we don’t need to use synthetics to create fragrance. Nature has given us the most robust and beautiful scents from flowers and plants that we distill into essential oils. Essential oils have numerous benefits, from creating uplifting and energizing feelings, to properties that cleanse the skin of bacteria and odor. So, in addition to their wonderful scents, they help you feel and smell better, naturally.   

The Good News About Natural Deodorants Today

Not only do natural deodorants on the market eliminate aluminum, but some may also contain bacteria-fighting and odor absorbent feel-good ingredients, like essential oils, charcoal, and bentonite clay. They are not masking body odor, but eliminating it without blocking your sweat glands. Pretty progressive, huh?

How Does Cleo+Coco Natural Deodorant Work?

Cleo+Coco uses ingredients found in nature in our formulas to provide you with the wetness and odor protection you deserve. Rather than impede the natural function of your sweat glands with aluminum-based ingredients, we include ingredients that absorb excess moisture and cleanse bacteria from skin.

Cleo+Coco natural deodorants are formulated without synthetic fragrance, aluminum, or phthalates. Essential oil blends comprise our carefully crafted signature scents, offering benefits that add to the clean and refreshed feeling of using a quality natural deodorant.  

We’ve found the best way to stay odor-free is through our unique formula of activated charcoal and bentonite clay. Both have amazing capabilities to absorb wetness and cleanse the skin of impurities. Mineral-rich arrowroot powder aids in the battle against dampness while providing a smooth, lightweight feel.  

If you’re ready to make the switch to an effective natural deodorant or body powder/dry shampoo, take a look at our four diverse scents. There’s truly a scent for everyone – men, women, and teens.  



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