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Chafe and Moisture Rescue is Here!

Chafe and Moisture Rescue is Here!

4 Ways to Use Our Multi-tasking Body Powder and Dry Shampoo

With summer right around the is your time to prepare to stay moisture free, even on the hottest days!  

Experience total body benefits with our talc-free, benzene free and aerosol free dry shampoo and body powder, easy to apply and MESS FREE! Packed with minerals and natural plant based powders, this multi-tasking personal care tool will nourish your skin while keeping you dry, oil free and smelling fresh all day long without compromising your health or the health of the environment!


  1. DRY SHAMPOO - Staying true to our approach to natural personal care products, our plant based dry shampoo is fortified with natural plant powders and minerals to soak up oil on your scalp, nourish your sensitive skin, and help support a healthy hair ecosystem. 
  2. UNDERARMSFree of chemicals, parabens and phthalates, we have formulated a multitasking powder that can be used as a secondary form of deodorant. If you’re experiencing wetness after applying our award winning charcoal deodorant, layer our powder under your arms and continue on your day free of moisture and sweat stains!
  3. GROIN AND BRA LINEIt may be “sweater season” but that can also mean…sweat season. Our body powder is the perfect personal care powder free of talc that won’t clog your pores, but instead, soak up moisture after a long workout while eliminating odor and removing bacteria.
  4. SHOES - Switch out your chemical laden powders that you apply to your body and in your shoes after a long workout for our body powder + dry shampoo. A puff or two of our powder into your trusty running shoes will absorb residue, sweat and odor - leaving your feet smelling great and ready to hit the trails.

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