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Powerful Activated Charcoal Benefits Pair With Bentonite Clay

Powerful Activated Charcoal Benefits Pair With Bentonite Clay

Powerful Activated Charcoal Benefits Pair With Bentonite Clay

Activated charcoal has become a super popular ingredient lately, found in everything from toothpaste to smoothies. Wondering if this natural ingredient lives up to the hype?
The short answer … YES! Activated charcoal benefits are many, from whitening teeth to cleansing away impurities and bacteria. 

What, Exactly, Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal can be made from a variety of materials, from bone char to coal. The charcoal powder used in Cleo+Coco products is made from coconuts, so you get the benefits of activated charcoal from nature’s best source. Not at all the same thing as the charcoal you use for your barbecue.

When the coconut shell is exposed to high temperatures, the internal structure of the coconut shell changes, increasing its surface area and making it extremely absorbent. 

Bentonite clay is another unique ingredient found in Cleo+Coco products. It is a fine clay that is made from volcanic ash. This clay has been used for centuries by many different cultures in health and skincare rituals because of its mineral-rich composition. Bentonite clay is naturally soft and powdery with a silky feel, and rich in minerals such as magnesium. Magnesium is not only an odor absorber but also a healthy mineral for your body when absorbed through the skin. 

The Numerous Activated Charcoal Benefits

The benefits of activated charcoal are diverse and substantial. Because of its ability to cleanse away impurities, it’s even used in emergency rooms to treat poison victims. If activated charcoal can be that effective internally, imagine what it can do for your underarms, your feet, or your privates – which is where Cleo+Coco Deodorants and Body Powder can be applied. 

Because of its highly absorbent nature, activated charcoal is the perfect choice for use in natural deodorant. It absorbs excess moisture and cleanses bacteria from pores, eliminating the root cause of odor. 

The only downside to activated charcoal is its dark color, which can stain clothing when used on its own. We are careful to use just enough charcoal to absorb odor but not enough to cause any black or grey staining at all. Fear not, Cleo+Coco deodorants will go on clear.  

Bentonite clay benefits are similar to activated charcoal but the powder itself is a beige color instead of black. Adding bentonite clay to our formula allows us to double up on the protection without leaving any stain on your skin. Clever, huh?

We craft our products carefully to ensure they offer the skin purifying and odor prevention benefits you deserve, without staining. 

Bonus: How to Use Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay at Home

Activated charcoal and bentonite clay benefits don’t stop with your deodorant and body powder. Here are a few other ways you can incorporate these star ingredients into your healthy home:

  • Mix a tablespoon of bentonite clay powder with water to form a paste and use as a face mask or spot treatment to diminish the appearance of blemishes and soften skin.
  • Feeling under the weather? Soak in a bath with some bentonite clay to cleanse away impurities and leave the body feeling rejuvenated.
  • Some people like to take a very small quantity of food grade activated charcoal internally to alleviate feelings of a hangover or an upset stomach. 

Try our mineral-rich and mess-free deodorants and body powder for an easy introduction to activated charcoal and bentonite clay, and make these powerhouse ingredients a part of your regular routine. 

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