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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Sustainable Lifestyle Changes 

In Celebration of Earth Day

Earth week has begun, and with World Earth Day right around the corner, we wanted to take some time out to recognise the impact, and help make a small change to our daily routines to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place. 

For many of us, our daily beauty and personal care routines are second nature, and we forget to pause and recognize the ingredients in our products, the packaging, and how these factors are impacting our footprint. 

With increased awareness in the beauty industry, sustainable and clean beauty is trending, transforming and becoming a staple in personal care routines. At Cleo+Coco, we put sustainability first by creating products with natural ingredients, more eco-friendly packaging while trying to reduce our carbon footprint.

Below are some of our helpful notes on how to revamp your routine to soften the impact they have on our planet.


1. Recycle or Reuse Your Empties 

We know this is OBVIOUS, but hear us out! Recycling is so easy. Not only can you recycle your empties, but you can reuse them.

Dry Shampoo Empties: Put your favorite lotion in your empty dry shampoo bottle as a travel container, or switch out your soap dispenser for your empty dry shampoo + body powder bottle (there are endless possibilities!)

By recycling your empties, you are not only preventing the plastic from becoming a pollution problem in our waterways and in our oceans, but you are also reducing the carbon footprint. Cleo+Coco is committed to recycling and reusing, in fact, all of our plastic produced in 2023 will now be PCR!

2. Use Clean, Sustainable and Zero-Waste Products

Being accountable for the ingredients in your beauty products isn’t always easy. Making sure what you choose is organically and sustainably sourced includes fact checking! But with the help of the internet and apps like “Think Dirty” you’re able to simply scan the product barcode to see if it is good for the planet AND people! 

Another way to keep the planet happy and healthy is by choosing zero-waste products. The market has infinite options for clean, zero-waste clean beauty for you to choose from, start doing research to see which zero-waste product you’d like to try…and start slow!

From our cleansing bars to zero waste deodorant, we provide a multitude of sustainable, zero-waste options for consumers to use…helping you to feel good about yourself and the planet!


3.Reduce your water usage 

Whether you’re choosing waterless products, like our charcoal deodorant or choosing to take a shorter shower, you're helping make an impact to reduce water usage. Sometimes we choose to leave the water running while brushing our teeth…and we are all guilty of these daily repetitions, but making small changes can have a big impact (and help save money on your water bill!)

By simply turning off the tap, running the shower for less time, or even choosing waterless beauty and personal care products, you are saving fresh water that we so often take for granted. In doing so, you’ll prevent water wastage and feel better about your own routine!

4. Take It Slow

Shopping is fun, and trying new products is exciting, but instead of a constant cycle of buying new products with paper packaging, we should instead invest in a good quality, sustainable, made-to-last product that way we are reducing our footprint with less trips to the store and less garbage.

Simple swaps like trying Cleo+Coco’s subscribe and save option when purchasing (hopefully a bundle so it lasts longer) will help you save on your order, reduce shipping and have a dramatic impact on our overall consumption. 

Another benefit: Cost! By investing every once in a while in products that are high quality and last longer than 10 uses, we are also saving money. The lifecycle of these products are much longer than those of disposable and less clean alternatives, which means you will shop less, ultimately spending less in the long run. 

Earth day is as much about sustaining as it is preventing. If we can sustain these small and impactful changes in our lives, whether it be switching to clean morning skin routine or even beginning to re-use our empty product containers, we are helping to slow the effect that humans have on the planet…and helps our future look brighter (and skin if you choose the right product..!)

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