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4 Reasons to make the SWITCH to plastic free deodorant

4 Reasons to make the SWITCH to plastic free deodorant

How many Americans use Deodorant and Antiperspirant Each Year?

It’s reported that 299.85 million Americans used deodorant or antiperspirants in 2021!. With plastic containers still being the number one method of applying deodorant, and the average person going through 4-6 deodorants each year, that means 1.8 trillion plastic containers are used in deodorant consumption alone each year!!! As a hyper-vigilant, conscious eco clean brand, we at Cleo+Coco are hoping to lead the charge in changing this trend.  To do this we are working on a few things. First, we created our Zero-Waste Plastic Free Deodorant bar. It comes in a compostable wrapping paper and is dipped in wax so that you can hold it and apply it without messing your hands. Stored in a FSC box. For those who still prefer plastic, our plastic containers are fully recyclable and we are working towards creating PCR and refillables to launch in 2022 and 2023. 

Why do we do this? Because with so much plastic ending up in the oceans and landfills, 

Only 9% of plastic worldwide is actually recycled, beauty companies continue to create their products using plastic.  We want to be part of the solution to  the plastic pollution problem our world is facing. 

We also understand that using plastic is more convenient and leads to a cleaner, less messy application. And we want your daily self-care routine to be as breezy and enjoyable and easy as possible. So we hand dip each deodorant bar in wax, so that when you hold the bar to apply it, the hard wax is your applicator and your hands don’t get messy from touching the deodorant. The wax can get absorbed into the deodorant as you use it up, since it is already one of the ingredients found in the deodorant already. While using the deodorant bar may be an adjustment for some, we believe that the benefit makes it well worth it.  

Here are 4 reasons why you should be using a plastic free deodorant 

  1. Deodorant made from recycled material reduces the demand for plastic 

Looking for an effective way to reduce your plastic use? It’s simple, don’t use it! Use paper based or recycled packaging whenever possible. This goes for your deodorant as well. Using Cleo+Coco Zero-Waste Deodorant  ensures you are limiting your plastic use while still receiving the benefits of an effective, natural deodorant. This will help reduce commercial demand for plastic products and will help leave fossil fuels in the ground. 

  1. Plastic free deodorant is better for your skin and the planet 

The chemicals in plastic alone should be enough to steer you in the direction of using plastic-free products. They are toxic and detrimental to the human body. Chemicals like cadmium and mercury can be found in some forms of plastics – both having toxins that can cause cancers, various disabilities and immune system problems. If you do choose to use plastic, make sure to choose ones that are BPA free. 

  1. Plastic-free means less plastic in landfills 

Unfortunately, plastic doesn't break down naturally when placed in a landfill. It just accumulates overtime, seeping into the earth. To help save our planet, take a small step to ensure you’re using plastic free products whenever you can. 

  1. A simple plastic free swap makes a big impact 

Using zero-waste personal care products may feel daunting today, but we are proud to be making it possible for tomorrow. Eliminating the amount of waste piling up in landfills across the world can be done by beginning to go plastic free. Chemicals and toxic substances are released from the trash and seep into the soil. This increases the rate of pollution in our world and could lead to harmful events that affect everyone, and will continue to do so until we are all plastic-free. 

We are pleased to share with you that is our partner in championing plastic-free and carries our Zero-Waste deodorant bars as well. And if you’re lucky, you can get it on the Target Circle app at 20% off, for a few days each month! Every small act can have a huge impact on the environment and your health. 

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