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PODCAST : Suzannah Raff & Melissa Wittseck of WINGS

PODCAST : Suzannah Raff & Melissa Wittseck of WINGS

"The secret of entrepreneurship is all about innovating a compelling and differentiated solution to a big enough problem experienced by a big enough market with an effective strategy of getting the word out to the right target market." 


Listen to Wings of Inspired Business #podcast to learn what it takes to create a differentiated consumer brand and living an authentic life spritually, physically, and professionally. 


"Suzannah Raff is a the CEO and founder of Cleo+Coco, and years before she developed Cleo+Coco's award winning natural deodorant, she was famous among her friends for blending perfumes to make her own signature scent. When her father was recovering from the hospital from a serious illness, she found her way to the healing properties of essential oils and their beautiful scents. She began to use them in her home, and for her own health and wellbeing. Then, along came the clean eating movement. Having been taught from a young age to eat healthy and take care of her body, she became an avid student of this clean movement. When she got married and pregnant, Suzannah suddenly became very sensitive to the chemicals she was putting on her body. It was not long before all of her perfumed skin care products and antiperspirants were in the garbage. 
Today Suzannah shares all of the challenges along the way to create Cleo+Coco, plus the dangers of chemicals and fragrances that we put on our skin."


Listen below to learn more!



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