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Energize Routine: Your How To Guide

Energize Routine: Your How To Guide

The Routine


Step 1: The Vit C Cleanse Body Polish Bar

I often take a short body shower in the morning, slightly on the colder side to wake me up and signal to my body it’s time to begin the day. I’ll lather the Vit C Cleansing Bar which exfoliates my skin and gives it the burst of energy it needs. Not only do I feel more awake after using it, my skin looks glowy and renewed... almost like it had a cup of coffee of its own. I have eczema so I’m limited in the soaps I can use for fear of them drying out my skin. The body polish bar is actually ideal for drier skin types as it includes nourishing and superfood ingredients like honey, sustainable palm, coconut, and olive oils. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated, ready to soak up a body cream of my choice.

Step 2: Great Expectations Charcoal Deodorant

I’ve tried many charcoal deodorants in my day, this is the first one that doesn’t stain my skin a dark gray color or rub off on my clothing. Not only do I love the scent of this formula (zingy grapefruit and bergamot) but it glides clear on skin and doesn’t leave me itchy. It detoxifies impurities and keeps body odor under wraps. I’m left feeling really refreshed and excited to use it again the next day — it’s that good.

Step 3: Great Expectations Dry Shampoo + Body Powder

The best dry shampoos are in powder form! Having fine hair, I’ll always use a powder shampoo over an aerosol. It works better for my hair type and it is better for the planet. Because of the grapefruit and orange within this formula, it gives hair an extra lift at the root with how energizing it is. You can pump this directly onto your hair and within your layers or put it into your hands to work it through. It absorbs oil and keeps odor at bay so you can get the most out of your wash. I love how it is multipurpose (I’m all about pairing down routines) so I like to use a tiny bit under my armpits after using my deodorant to keep moisture under control as well as under my boobs to ensure I stay fresh and dry.


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