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Shape Magazine's Best Zero Waste Deodorant

Shape Magazine's Best Zero Waste Deodorant

There's no plastic  in this bar of zero-waste deodorant — and the design is pretty genius, too

"If you want a deodorant that will benefit your 'pits with minimal environmental impact, you should know not all deodorants are eco-friendly.
If you're on a mission to live more sustainably, your first stop is to look for products that are zero-waste, a movement that aims to buy and use products in a way that sends little to no trash to landfills. (See also: The 10 Best Natural Deodorants to Combat B.O. Sans Aluminum)
While zero-waste is an admirable goal (and buzzy industry term), there are some pitfalls — mainly, that even "zero-waste" products can still create waste in the ingredient sourcing and production stages. This is why a more helpful (and realistic) target is a circular system. "A circular system means that products and packaging are designed to either return to nature (such as composting) or return to the industrial system, (such as packaging that is recycled or, even better, refilled)," says Mia Davis, the director of environmental and social responsibility for Credo Beauty." 
Cleo Coco Deodorant Bar Zero-Waste
There's no plastic (recycled or otherwise) in this bar of zero-waste deodorant — and the design is pretty genius, too. On the bottom of the solid stick, there's a sustainable, waste-free, recyclable wax for you to hold when you swipe the deodorant under your arms. Done with your daily application? Drop your deodorant in the cotton bag for safekeeping. The deodorant bar contains charcoal and bentonite clay to help absorb odor and moisture. Choose from lavender vanilla or blue tansy and sweet orange. "

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