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Zero Waste


We use only sustainably sourced, eco-conscious ingredients. Our deodorants are very dense and should last 4- 6 months so that, unlike traditional old school deodorants, you need only buy our deodorant 2-3 times a year instead of every month. We also made a conscious decision to package them in only one layer with a BPA-free plastic applicator that offers the most ease of use. Because we understand that switching to a natural, aluminum-free deodorant can be an adjustment, we decided to offer you the best application experience possible. 
We offer refills for the Dry Shampoo/Body Powder, making the PBA-free pump refillable, reusable, and less wasteful. Plus, we designed our Dry Shampoo/Body Powder as 6 products in 1 to eliminate excess products on your shelves and in your life. 


In our zero-waste effort, we utilize refillable solutions that make sense and have created a plastic-free Deodorant Bar option. Our Deodorant Bars are covered three-quarters of the way in a sustainable, waste-free wax mold. The wax mold allows you to apply the deodorant without mess. Simply hold the Deodorant Bar by the wax mold and apply the open top section to your underarms. As the Deodorant Bar begins to wear down, peel back the wax to expose and use more deodorant. The peeled wax can be recycled and reused, and absorbs back into the earth without lingering in landfills and causing harm to the environment. 

You can store your Deodorant Bar in our 100% organic cotton reusable bag. The bag keeps the Bar fresh and clean, and is travel-friendly and easy to take to the gym or on an airplane. You can choose to buy the Deodorant Bar in our paperboard cylinder box in its chic, refillable cotton bag.
We hope you will join our effort to lead the world in waste-free options and choose to use our award-winning charcoal deodorants in our newest plastic-free Bar form. 


Made for All

Woman, Man, Teens, and Everyone Who Desires Clean, Natural Ingredients.