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Combo Pack Lavender Vanilla: Two Charcoal Deodorants + One Dry Shampoo/Body Powder - Sweet Surrender, Lavender Vanilla

Get 2 charcoal deodorants plus 1 body powder/dry shampoo in your favorite scent.

Sweet Surrender is our signature Lavender Vanilla scent – a relaxing aroma that allows you to surrender sweetly into your day as lavender alleviates feelings of stress and vanilla offers a hint of mild sweetness for a warm, comforting sensation. Perfect for women, men, and teens.

Zero Waste

In our zero-waste effort, we utilize refillable solutions that make sense and have created a plastic-free Deodorant Bar option. Our Deodorant Bars are covered three-quarters of the way in a sustainable, waste-free wax mold. The wax mold allows you to apply the deodorant without mess.

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The Experience

That is how we want you to feel every day, whether headed to the gym, a night on the town, or simply lounging at home. Scent is so much more than a cover-up or afterthought. Feeling fresh means confidence, ease, and comfort.

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Eco Conscious

We use only sustainably sourced, eco-conscious ingredients. Our deodorants are very dense and should last 4- 6 months. We also made a conscious decision to package them in only one layer – the pba-free plastic applicator. We offer refills for the dry shampoo/body powder pump making the pba-free pump refillable and re-usable providing less waste.

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Best Deodorant!!! Forget about being the best all natural deodorant... this is the best and most efficient deodorant I have ever used!!! Love this stuff. Highly recommend!

daniela p

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