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What No One Tells You About Switching To Natural Deodorant

What No One Tells You About Switching To Natural Deodorant

Cleo+Coco CEO Weighs In On Making The Switch.

Just because a label smacks a term like "all natural" on its label doesn't mean the ingredients stand up to creating a healthy environment for your underarms. "Some will have synthetic fragrance in them, which can often be a hormone-disrupting chemical and have hidden preservatives like phthalates, which we like to avoid," says Raff. "Cleo+Coco uses only essential oils for scents. This class of natural deodorant will neutralize/eliminate odor and help support your body's natural sweating process."

Water, alcohol, and glycerine are red flags as well. "These are fillers and mean that there are less active odor-fighting ingredients in the formula. These filler ingredients also introduce bacteria into the formula and then require the use of preservatives, which are no longer natural," says Raff.



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