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Must Have Multi-Tasking Products

Must Have Multi-Tasking Products

Multi-Tasking Products Masami loves!


We're all about multi-tasking products these days. First, because who has time for crazy long beauty routines? One study showed that the average woman spends about 40 minutes every day on her beauty routine which involves 27 steps! We all like to feel beautiful, but that's a lot of time.
But also, if we're really going to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle, then cutting down on the number of products we're using is a smart way to do that. There are so many amazing products that do more, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites.
And of course, MASAMI is all about simplicity at our core. You just need ONE amazing shampoo and conditioner that works for virtually every hair type and solves the main hair issue -- hydration! Our styling cream and shine serum are designed to help you finish your look by taming frizz, adding shine and making you look like you just left a salon. All with just a few products and a short and simple routine.
So here are some products that are truly multi-tasking (and not just clean but conscious of course). Let's hope you can work some of these into your beauty routine -- and ideally, replace 2 or 3 others and detox your routine in the process.


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